Target Aerospace is pioneering the way for new improvements and innovations, providing intelligent tooling solutions with its I-Tools Concept."

Simon Radcliffe,
MD Target Aerospace

Introduction //

Target Aerospace is one of the UK's leading Tooling Solutions Providers and Integrators for the Aerospace Industry, Established over 15 years ago in the market place it offers an independent complete partnership for our customers across a wide range of Tooling products and services.

Target provides support in many sectors including Aerospace, Automotive, Marine and Power Generation. Quality is important and our accreditation to ISO9001 proves our commitment in the market place.

Intelligent Tooling Philosophy

Our Goal at Target Aerospace is to reduce your costs, although tooling costs make up a small part of the total production costs they play a major role in the effort to optimize production of parts. We apply Intelligent Tooling Solutions that are based on improving production techniques and adding value to our customer's products. Intelligent Tooling is the most advanced way of solving problems to achieve the best results, Quality and Sustainable growth.